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Renata Hair Co.

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Dear hair loss WARRIOR,

I write to you with a heart who knows the pain and devastation of hair loss in such a deep and real way. As I write this letter to you tears are running down my face because I am reflecting on where I've been and how far I've come. I first began my career in hair dressing at the young age of 17 and it became my passion the day I walked into Ogle cosmetology school in 2000. Over the years I have had some inceridble opportunities in this amazing industry. My mother and I opened one of the most reputable and (in my opinion) best salons in the industry in 2003 called Renata Salons and it has been a gift building it together. Later in my later 20's I moved out to Los Angeles and there I was hired as a regional educator for a product line and salon called Bumble and bumble in NYC. The growth I experienced as an educator was amazing. I had the incredible opportunity to work with the most talented hair dressers in the world back stage at Fashion Week every season. The education and experience I received was the best in the industry.


Fast forward to September 2018 when I was diagnosed with several auto immune disorders, one being alopecia areata where the immune system begins attacking the hair follicles causing extreme hair loss and bald patches all over the scalp. 

The day my hair started falling out was actually not as bad as you might think because at first you think its just a one time thing and that this one bald spot is as bad as it will get but for me my hair loss continued.

I remember one of my hardest days… 

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