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Top FIVE things MEN need to know when it comes to their hair…..


Product is a MUST!!

The ONLY way we can style your hair to make you look super sexy is with PRODUCT. If you take away our products then we can’t work our magic…..

That means, if you want your hair to look as sexy as it does when you leave the salon, then you HAVE to use products and learn how to style your hair like we do.


Get a regular appointment set up with your stylist and STAY CONSISTENT!

Keep your neck and hairline cleaned up…. Even if you need to stop in for a quick neck trim, please don’t let your neck get out of control.

No one likes a hairy neck… and it’s FREE so take advantage of it!


If you have had the same hairstyle for more than 7 years, consult your hairstylist. Make sure you keep a current style!

Men’s fashion is ever evolving just like it is for women….

Keep your style CURRENT!!


DO NOT try to disguise thinning hair by growing it out only to comb it over the thinning areas.

TIP… If you are thinning then you should blowdry your hair before applying your finishing product. That will help make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Also, you should ask your stylist for the best cut for thinning hair, They can always hook you up!


Don’t try to color your own hair to get rid of greys!!!

Everyone can tell when you try to do it yourself, so please don’t even try it.

Come to a professional and let us help you blend your grey hair and make it look very natural.

Fake looking color on a man is a big time NO GO!!!

TIP…. A lot of women like men with grey hair so maybe you should consider leaving it in the first place.

And finally…

Make sure whatever style you have you ROCK IT!! Confidence looks THE BEST on a man!


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